We love animals.

We at POIZ ACTIVEWEAR are proud owners of a British Short Hair cat named Fishka. She loves watching Anna and Joe working on new routines and when no one is watching she too practises on her pole dance moves. As animal-lovers and because of Fishka's hidden talents we felt it was only right too give back to charity in some small way. That is why POIZ ACTIVEWEAR and our official CSR officer/pole dancer Fishka have teamed up with PAWS. They are an animal rescue centre located in Selangor, Malaysia which help stray animals in need. So with every purchase you make, we will donate RM1 to PAWS.

How can you help?

If you wish to help you too can help by clicking on your cart page, there is the option to donate RM1 to PAWS as well.

Every small amount matters!

Every small amount can help a lot of homeless animals in need. Make your Donations today!